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'Youth Hiring Act of 2023' signed into law, other bills in progress

Children under 16 years old can now work in Arkansas without needing an employment certificate.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — It's been a busy week at the Arkansas State Capitol as a handful of bills are being discussed while others are being signed into law by Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders. While Sanders has shined an extensive spotlight on the LEARNS Act, which she signed into law on Wednesday, the agenda for legislators contains a variety of topics.

Here is what legislators are working on:

HB1410— Gov. Sanders signed the "Youth Hiring Act of 2023" into law on Monday. This allows those younger than 16 years old to work in Arkansas without needing an employment certificate.

HB1244— This bill would redefine how a person can have a digital driver's license in Arkansas by allowing people to download their license through an app from the Office of Driver Services. It's heading to Gov. Sanders' desk.

SB270— A bill that creates a criminal offense for a transgender person, or anyone of the opposite sex, to go in a public bathroom or changing area with a child present. Currently, it only applies when the child is of the opposite birth sex. It has passed a Senate committee and will be on the Senate floor Thursday with the recommendation to pass.

HB1568— A bill to eliminate Daylight Savings Time in Arkansas was introduced this week. This would remove the practice of setting clocks forward an hour during the spring and summer months for more natural daylight. Counties on state borders could vote to opt-out.

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