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Why experts say you should clean your car after winter weather

While crews have been clearing roads in the winter weather, mechanics and detail experts say it could leave a lasting impact on cars.

ROGERS, Ark. — The Arkansas Department of Transportation and multiple county road departments have been spreading salt mixtures on roadways in order to combat the ice. Nick Jones with AAMCO Transmissions and Zack Roller with NWA Mobile Detail explains that those chemicals could present an issue for drivers.

"We don't usually have that much problem in this area, but lately they've really been having to put quite a bit more stuff on the roads," said Jones

"You see a lot of Northern vehicles that come with a lot of rust. So we're lucky here in Arkansas, we don't have that kind of weather for a long time. But even the two or three snowstorms that we do get throughout the year can cause damage to your vehicle," said Roller.

The ice and mixtures being driven and kicked up by cars are typically laden with salt and other chemicals.

"You will get corrosion from it," explained Jones, "I've seen U joints that will cease from it. parts in the drive train."

"It is important to wash your vehicle after a snow or ice storm just because salt and chemicals that they lay on the ground are damaging to your paint and metal of your vehicle," said Roller

Roller and Jones explained that drivers shouldn't wait too long to clean their vehicles.

"A lot of times it's too late and it's caused internal damage that you can't fix by something simple at that time," added Jones.

With 6 more weeks of winter forecasted by Punxsutawney Phil, Roller explained that drivers might consider adding a coating to their vehicles. 

"It's going to protect your paint and clear coat from the salt and chemicals. And whenever you go to wash your vehicle after the snowstorm, that ice and salt will come off much easier, revealing a nice finish underneath that's protected with a ceramic coating," said Roller.

You can visit the NWA Mobile detail website or AAMCO's website for more info.

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