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'Live long and prosper': Van Horn mayor a Trekkie who's over the moon about William Shatner's trip on Blue Origin

Mayor Becky Brewster tells us she's been a fan of Star Trek and "pretty cute" Captain Kirk since she was a little kid. Now she gets to watch him shoot into space.

VAN HORN, Texas — The Buzz around Blue Origin's second human launch got louder when the company announced the one and only Captain James T. Kirk was going to space from Van Horn, Texas.

 Van Horn Mayor Becky Brewster has been a lifelong science-fiction fan. That's when her trek began.

"All my friends and I would talk to each other in the halls and stuff like that,"  Van Horn Mayor Becky Brewster said as she displayed the famed live long and prosper hand gesture.

"So you mean to tell me middle school Becky was walking around the halls and going 'Live long and prosper?'"

"Middle school Becky was doing that," Brewster said.

"Do you still do it?"

"I can neither confirm nor deny that statement," she answered jokingly.

After regaining composure, I went into warp speed with Star Trek trivia.

"Who is your favorite Star Trek Character?" 

"Spock," Brewster said.

"What do you think of Captain Kirk?"

"I think he's awesome and he's pretty cute."

"When you hear Captain Kirk is going up to space in Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket from Van Horn, TX, what was your initial reaction?"

"It's about time. This was so awesome," said Brewster. "I was excited!"

Mayor Brewster is going to watch blast off from home but is riding alongside Captain Kirk in spirit. She says long after William Shatner completes his final frontier, her Trekkie ways shall continue.

"Are you walking around Van Horn going, 'Live long and prosper, live long and prosper?'"

"Not usually," said Brewster. "I try to hide my nerdiness a little."

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