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Huge snake spotted in Arkansan's tree following record breaking temperatures

Rodney Cooper snapped a photo in Dell, Ark. of a giant snake in his tree.

DELL, Ark. — There's a snake in my... TREE.

Aren't snakes supposed to hibernate for winter? We thought so too, until Rodney Cooper snapped a photo of a snake in his tree in Dell, Ark. on Wednesday morning, Dec. 29.

Arkansas's Christmas day high temperature was 78 degrees, thus shattering the previous all-time record of 73 degrees set in 1942 and possibly confusing the snakes in the state.

Rebecca, Rodney's wife, said her initial reaction was 'Get thee behind me Satan!' when she saw the snake.  

"I couldn't believe these snakes were in their Dogwood tree," Rodney said.

Rebecca said Rodney was going to go and get the snake down and take it to the drainage ditch outside of town, but by the time he got around to it, four hours later, they had already gotten down. 

"Thus, they are probably still in our yard," Rebecca said.