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Doorbell camera catches apparent black bear outside Fort Smith home

A Fort Smith homeowner captured the moment an apparent black bear stopped by their home.

FORT SMITH, Ark. — What appears to be a young black bear made an unexpected stop outside a Fort Smith, Ark. home this week. 

Jennifer Burr captured the encounter on her Ring doorbell camera. 

"My Ring camera at my garage went off at 11:19 a.m. on Monday, May 16th. I was at work, and when I opened the live video and saw the bear, I started screaming, "there's a bear at my house!!" 

Burr says the bear wandered off and caused no damage to the property. 

As the weather warms, bears are coming out of hibernation and looking for treats to feast on. Experts advise not to leave any uneaten food outside and to lock your trash bins if you live in an area with a high bear population.

For Burr, she's just happy the whole ordeal was caught on film. 

"When we moved in, we were told someone had claimed to see a bear on the property. We just got lucky and captured one on video!"

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