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New podcast helping Arkansans dealing with grief this holiday

Arkansas Hospice experts have come together to talk specifically about grief during the holidays.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Since April, Arkansas Hospice has been doing podcast episodes on different aspects of grief. The podcast, "Speaking of Grief," is presented by Arkansas Hospice Director of Bereavement, Barbara Ross, and bereavement specialists Jamie Boshears and Simone Brock. 

Now, these experts have come together to talk specifically about grief during the holidays.

Ross said that grief is something that affects all of us in different ways. It’s normal for people dealing with grief to not feel like themselves around friends and family.

“It's hard to be merry, gay, laughing and going to parties when your heart is broken and you're hurting,” said Ross.

That’s why “Speaking of Grief” covers a wide breadth of information for people going through various trials.

“We touch on lots of different aspects of types of grief and types of loss,” said Brock.

Regardless of the type of grief, holidays present some of the most painful times for those suffering. Boshears said they cause external and internal pressures.

“Society puts an enormous amount of influence, pressure and significance on the holidays as you're trying to find the balance between what was, what is now and what's going to be,” she said.

That’s why the podcast is opening the conversation. It’s something Brock hopes will assure people they aren't alone in this journey.

“Grief is a normal reaction, and we just want you to be able to experience it to lean into it,” she said. “Those are really hard things to do but that is part of the process.”

The podcast episode is also a helpful resource for family and friends to know how to support their loved ones this holiday. Ross said we need to be aware and mindful that some people might be suffering in silence.

“We need to encourage them to join us and to be with us if they choose to,” she said. “Just having that awareness and knowledge is very powerful.”

All three women hope the podcast leads to more people finding help and support while knowing their feelings are valid.

“In a hurting world, I think it's important that we recognize our loss and our grief and know that we are seen, heard and valued," said Boshears.

You can access the “Speaking of Grief" podcast and all of its episodes here