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How to prepare now for holiday meals and maintain a healthy eating plan

One doctor is helping us prep for all those holiday goodies and maintain more of a healthy eating habit.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — 'Tis the season for those holiday favorites like egg nog and sugary treats like candy canes or cookies. But those treats could cause you some mishaps if you are on a diet.

When this doctor knocks or the door, the patient on the inside is wanting to lose weight. 

"There are so many things related to your health that can be tied to your weight," Dr. Ingram said.

Dr. Brandon Ingram, general and bariatric surgeon at CHI St. Vincent, is representing a medical community that knows the complications of weighing too much.

"Whether that's from diabetes, high blood pressure — we all know the common ones — but there are also several types of cancers that have been related to being overweight," Dr. Ingram said. 

So consider this a holiday eating pep talk, with the understanding 'tis the season.

"Less is more at this time," Dr. Ingram said. "As the holidays come up, we are all in a different routine with traveling. Kids are out of school, but it's important to maintain more of a healthy eating habit."

Make fruit your snacks, make a holiday plan, get your family to help, and there's this:

"You want to try it all but, again, everything in moderation and if you're gonna eat too much in one meal make sure it's not the last meal of the day right before you settle down and go to bed," Dr. Ingram said. 

You can do this. You don't have to pile it on. But, if you've tried everything, and the new year begins and you want to be a new you, then you might consider Dr. Ingram's specialty: bariatric surgery.

"When we refer to weight loss surgery, we're talking about restricting the amount of food that you can take at one time," Dr. Ingram said. "By doing that, it helps you change your lifestyle and, not only change, but maintain your lifestyle."

Dr. Ingram offers advice on behalf of the entire medical community.

"But the most important thing to know about weight loss surgery, it's not only safe and successful, but it's not a magic procedure," Dr. Ingram said. "You still it still takes a lot of work and a lot of dedication to being successful."

The healthier you are, the more enjoyable the holidays.

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