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Wind Farm Representatives Will Not Attend Elm Springs City Council Meeting

ELM SPRINGS (KFSM) — The Board of Directors of Dragonfly Industries International, a Texas-based company that’s behind a proposed wind farm project ...
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ELM SPRINGS (KFSM) — The Board of Directors of Dragonfly Industries International, a Texas-based company that’s behind a proposed wind farm project in Elm Springs, announced Thursday (Dec. 17) that company representatives will not be attending a City Council meeting scheduled for Dec. 21.

Chief Operating Officer Craig Cook sent the following statement to 5NEWS:

“The request for zoning was presented in the context of a relatively long look forward to the next stage of a very promising, scientifically-validated development process of technology that is far different from what folks see being used today.   We understand and respect the concerns of the neighbors, especially as they might equate what we’re planning with the challenges of current wind generation technology.  In earlier meetings, we attempted to help people understand how what we have planned is different.   However, we still have a ways to go in the development process before we’ll be needing to put hardware on the ground, so a decision on zoning is not urgent.  With the current concerns of neighbors–which, quite frankly, we didn’t anticipate–perhaps the zoning request was premature.”

Elite Energy, which is owned by Cody Fell, who is listed as a Dragonfly representative, withdrew its request this week to rezone a 300-acre plot of land meant for the proposed wind farm to an industrial area.

Elm Springs Mayor Harold Douthit said he has had more than 250 questions submitted to the city concerning the wind farm. Opponents have also expressed concerns about Dragonfly CEO Jody Davis’ criminal past and Fell’s financial history.

Cook addressed those concerns in his statement:

“We also understand and respect the interest and concern regarding the pasts of some of the people involved in the project.  While those men have been working diligently to rebuild their lives and reputations in recent years, perhaps some more time before any decisions are necessary will provide some assurance to those who have concerns.  Meanwhile, neither Elite nor DFI are requesting anything in the form of public funding or commitment of resources that might provide an opportunity for a breach of public trust.”

According to the Dragonfly Industries website, the site of the wind farm in Elm Springs would include an office space with a secure operations station, warehouse, energy storage system, substation and 35+ turbine towers.

Cook ended his statement with:

“As we get closer to the implementation phase of the project, we’ll make decisions regarding the use of the Elm Springs property.  At that time we’ll be able to provide more substantive information regarding the technology.  Meanwhile, we hope rescinding the request for zoning will ease current concerns.”

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