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Ten-Year-Old Girl Hosts Pageant To Help Foster Children

FORT SMITH (KFSM)– While many kids are thinking about what they’re getting for Christmas, a local 10-year-old girl is thinking about what she’...

FORT SMITH (KFSM)-- While many kids are thinking about what they're getting for Christmas, a local 10-year-old girl is thinking about what she's giving.

Ten-year-old Analyn Moore has competed in pageants all her life, but this year there's one pageant she won't be competing in.

“I am going to host a pageant for our local foster children because they move around a lot, and they don't really have anything to carry with them, so we are going to collect items like toys and toothbrushes,” Analyn said.

She said she wants the foster children in the area to have a brighter Christmas.

“Sometimes foster children don't get Christmas presents, and I really want to help them get a nice Christmas,” Analyn said.

Analyn's mom, Natasha Moore, said foster children have always been close to their hearts. She said when the kids move to different homes a lot of essential items don't go with them.

“Most foster kids don't have a toy when they enter a home, and a lot of times the things that are forgotten are the personal hygiene items that they need, toothbrushes, deodorant stuff like that, so we went with socks and toothbrushes,” Natasha said.

Those are the items people can donate at the door to get into the pageant, but with Christmas right around the corner, toys are needed too.

“From time to time they get moved from home to home or they spend their time in the shelter where they don't have their family to spend Christmas with, so to get that one extra gift from someone will mean a lot to them,” Natasha said.

Analyn currently holds the title of Our Diamond Miss. She said helping foster children is her platform, and she wants to use pageants to raise awareness.

“It means to me that I am actually helping the world because i am giving other people a chance to have a better life,” Analyn said.

The pageant will be Saturday (Dec. 5th) at 4 at the Evans Boys and Girls Club in Fort Smith.

About 25 contestants will compete in beauty and talent, and anyone can watch it all for $1.00 or by bringing a toy, socks or a toothbrush.