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Students Take First Arkansas Enhanced Carry Class

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) — Saturday (Feb. 17) morning about 40 people took the first enhanced carry class in Arkansas that would allow them to carry on propert...

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Saturday (Feb. 17) morning about 40 people took the first enhanced carry class in Arkansas that would allow them to carry on properties like college campuses if they pass.

The instructor, Marty Cale, said he thought this first class went well.

With any first, he did noticed some things that he could improve on for future classes.

Just a few days after the Florida shooting, Cale said he did have to make some changes to his class.

For example, discussions with his students on where people get guns.

“What may be that process," Cale said. "How we keep an eye on everybody ... if it looks like somebody is a little on the mental side or are having some mental issues, we definitely need to report those people.”

Cale also stressed gun retention, safety and not handling a weapon when drinking alcohol even with an enhanced carry license.

All of the students who attended the class were there for various reasons, but for some it came down to just feeling safe.

“I was already a concealed carry holder so once they opened it up to campus, you know obviously with the whole Florida thing going on, you can’t really be safe enough," said Chris Kinkead. "I’d rather be able to prevent something, keep classmates safe, myself, stuff like that.”

Kinkead was only one of about two people in class who identified themselves as current college students.

He was shocked more of his fellow classmates were not there with him.

Kinkead said now that they have the ability to get the training to carry on campus, he wasn't sure why others were not seizing that opportunity.

Ken Vickers was another one of the 40 people in the class.

The retired university professor was not as shocked as Kinkead at the lack of college students.

During his 16 years as a professor, he said he wished he could have had concealed carry on campus.

He explained he was a building executive for a building on campus and was concerned about his student's safety while there.

Vickers said the building was full of glass doors and could not have been barricaded if there were a shooter on campus.

He was not as comfortable as he could have been then so now he is taking the class to feel more comfortable now.

Students spent most of the day inside as Cale taught them everything they needed to become certified in enhanced carry.

They then spent some time on the range practicing various techniques.

Cale said he expects to see more college students in his future classes as the word spreads that the enhanced carry course is now available.

A list of enhanced carry instructors can be found here.