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Rogers Student Wins Car For Perfect Attendance

ROGERS (KFSM) — A Rogers High School student drove away Tuesday (May 16) afternoon in a new car as a part of the school’s Attendance is Key event. P...

ROGERS (KFSM) -- A Rogers High School student drove away Tuesday (May 16) afternoon in a new car as a part of the school's Attendance is Key event.

Principal Lewis Villines said this year the school wanted to increase student attendance.

He said McLarty Daniel reached out to them to offer a new car to give away to any student with perfect attendance.

Since the beginning of school, Villines said their attendance did increase with 11 students getting perfect attendance.

Ten of those students were chosen at random and then had to choose a key out of a bag.

Jimmy Whitten, a senior, chose the winning key as his teacher Chris Wann cheered from the sideline.

“After he won the car he said 'I love you Mr. Wann,'" Wann said."He said that he was super excited about winning the car and he said he wanted to drive it. I talked to him about getting his driver’s license.”

Wann is a special needs teacher at Rogers High School and said Whitten could not stop making plans for his new ride.

Before he realized that he chose the right key, Whitten's classmates cheered and chanted his name hoping he would win.

Wann said the students at the school love Whitten.

He explains this is just the atmosphere at Rogers High School.

“These kids take care of each other and they are always there fostering these kinds of relationships," Wann said. "In the faculty student basketball game everyone was rooting Jimmy on. I mean if you see him in the hallway, Jimmy will be hanging out with all kinds of people.”

The other nine students who did not win the car received a $100 gift certificate.

Villines says they are currently looking over the numbers to see just how much their attendance increased because of this event.