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Pump Track Adds Unique Element To Thaden School

New track set to open in 4-6 weeks

BENTONVILLE (KFSM)--Pump tracks are becoming better known around the United States, and soon, students at the Thaden School in Bentonville will have one right on their campus.

Within 4-6 weeks, a pump track will open on the East Campus portion of the school.

"We are so excited to see this pump track come together, not only for our students but also for the greater community," Dr. Clayton Marsh, founding head of Thaden School said. "We hope that it will be an amenity for all of Northwest Arkansas."

"They were able to get this initial phase done really very quickly, like within 10 days to two weeks," said Lisa Herschbach, Thaden's Director of Finance and Operations.

What makes this track so unique is how rare they are around the world.

"For years, these were only known to be in small places in Europe," said Thaden's head mountain bike coach Richard Drew. "So it was a very exclusive club to have ridden one of these facilities."

"Students we imagine will come out of their classes and use that pump track throughout the day in a number of different ways," added Marsh.

"There might not be a more brutal workout than riding one of the courses. And then beyond that you’ll never master it," marveled Drew.

Pump tracks are hallowed ground for professional riders like Drew, and Arkansas is becoming a haven for riding. There's not many places in the U.S. or the world that have three pump tracks in a small distance.

But with Velosolutions building a track on the riverfront in Fort Smith and recently at the Jones Center in Springdale, Northwest Arkansas & the River Valley have become a pump bike destination.

"I almost don’t have the words in my vernacular to describe how unique it is. It’s literally the second school in the world that has one of these," Drew said.

Thaden School hopes to complete construction and open the track by early 2019.

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