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Oklahoma Man Finds Lost Wedding Ring During Run

OKLAHOMA (KFOR) — “Somebody’s probably looking for this, so I want to get it to them.” John Daum wasn’t exactly looking when he found it...

OKLAHOMA (KFOR) — "Somebody's probably looking for this, so I want to get it to them."

John Daum wasn't exactly looking when he found it, though.

Daum works as a lab manager in a cancer biology program, so he's used to having a microscopic eye but - this time — he wasn't at work. He was outside on a neighborhood run.

"I was turning the corner off of Northwest 178th Street into a neighborhood called Twin Oaks, and it caught my attention — a little shiny object on the ground, and I ran right by it,” he said.

Then, Daum paused for a minute, turned around and, lo and behold...

"It was a wedding ring. This wedding ring right here,” he said. “I picked it up, and now I'm searching for the owner."

And, Daum knows first hand — because he once lost his.

"I lost mine once, and it was gone for a whole year before I got it back,” he said.

It slipped off his finger on a cold day, and Daum thinks that may have been what happened in this case — or not...

"They could have been working near the entrance,” he said. “Christmas lights, maybe it was somebody setting those up for the neighborhood. Maybe somebody was angry, and threw it out their window."

Daum posted the missing ring on social medial and on local lost and found listings with no luck. So, he turned to News 4 — and its viewers.

"It has two cuts in it. This is roughed up, not shiny in the center, but just two rings around it,” he said. “The inside is nicely polished, and there's an inscription. So, whoever can tell us what that inscription is, is going to be the owner of the ring."