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New Fayetteville Traffic Light Gets Mixed Reviews

A new traffic light in Fayetteville gets mixed reviews; some are for it, and others are against it.

A new traffic light in Fayetteville gets mixed reviews; some are for it, and others are against it.

On Monday, the new stoplight on North Street between Gregg Street and Leverett Avenue will be set to flash mode.

City officials say the flashing light will help introduce drivers and trail users to the new traffic signal, but some do not agree on its value. Tom Pevehouse, owner of the North Street Minimart and Hawg Wash Laundry, said the light will add to traffic congestion.

"The bike trail has already affected my business,” said Pevehouse. “It's so hard to get in and out of my place that certain times of the day my customers tell me that they won't even stop in here. The traffic light is going to make it ten times worse. They're basically going to put me out of business."

Others say the traffic light is necessary and will not cause problems.

"Actually, I like it,” said Abdul Aziz. “It's in a good place. It's going to be more safe for the walkers and I like it."

Once the new light is fully operating, the signal for oncoming traffic will remain green until a trail user approaches from either direction and presses the button. When the button is pushed, the signal will change, allowing the pedestrian to cross.

"I think people are driving slow enough anyway, and they are expecting the bike walk to maybe have someone on it," said Eric Sharp.

Pevehouse is worried the new light will deter customers from coming into his businesses.

"The other day when school was in, I couldn't turn left from Leverett onto North Street because the traffic was backed all the way through the intersection,” said Pevehouse.

The stoplight will become fully operational on Wednesday.