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Molly The Fire Safety Dog Nominated For National Award

CLARKSVILLE (KFSM) — One of Arkansas’ most popular dogs, Molly The Fire Safety Dog has been nominated for a national award by the American Humane As...

CLARKSVILLE (KFSM) -- One of Arkansas' most popular dogs, Molly The Fire Safety Dog has been nominated for a national award by the American Humane Association.

Molly and her owner, Dayna Hilton, travel across the country teaching fire safety. They're also able to teach kids in places not so close to home.

"We Skype with boys and girls from all over the world and we are very blessed to be able to do that," Hilton said. "We have Skyped with people from 22 different countries and 43 states in the United States."

The two also hop on the road to travel across the country to share safety tips with schools and other organizations.

"We have traveled to 27 different states."

Molly brings quite a few tricks with her, as well.

"She's a trick dog champion," Hilton said. "She knows 82 different tricks and she uses a lot of those tricks to help teach fire safety."

After years of hard work, Molly continues to catch the attention of those at the American Humane Association. This year, she has been nominated again for a Hero Dog Award.

"Molly is in the emerging hero category, which is a category for dogs that have maybe done something special in their lives," Hilton said.

While the popularity of Molly and the social media "likes" continue to sky rocket, the recognition isn't a priority for the fire safety duo.

"It is very humbling and very nice to be nominated for an award," Hilton said. "But to me, that's not what it's all about. This is a way to help us share the fire safety message and to help keep more children safe; that's what it's all about."

Now, the talented Dalmatian anxiously awaits the award's results. The American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards ceremony will take place in September in Beverly Hills.

Molly is the only dog in the state of Arkansas to be nominated for any of the categories this year.

To vote for Molly, click here to visit the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards website.