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Making A Difference One Serve at a Time

Teah Flynn is helping raise money for cancer research with the 1st annual Tennis Relay

15 year old Teah Flynn loves to play tennis and she loves to give back, which is why she started the first annual Tennis Relay.

"If you had a tournament you could only have a limited amount of people, but with a relay you can have numerous amounts of people," said Teah Flynn.  "We are looking to raise money for cancer."

Flynn is looking to raise money for genomic cancer research.   All of the proceeds she makes will go directly to Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.  Flynn started planning for the relay, which will occur on February 9th, back in July.  Herself and her guardians have sent out nearly 9,000 emails in order for her to achieve her goals.

"My goal is to have everyone out here and have a good time," said Flynn.  "I want to grow as a community and try to raise enough money for the research.  The more money the better and hopefully overtime we can get that cure for cancer that we’ve been looking for for a long time."

So far she has courts sponsored at Pinnacle Country Club, Memorial Park in Bentonville, the Fayetteville Athletic Club, a few places in Florida and Little Rock and even one in Michigan. 

"Hopefully more people will come out," said Flynn about the relay.  "As many people as possible can participate.  Its on February 9th so come on out and have a good time, even if you can’t play still come out and watch.  Hopefully we will get that cure for cancer we are looking for. "

If you would like to donate or sponsor a tennis site visit Teah's website at www.tennisrelay.org.

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