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Fort Smith Cab Driver Speaks Out About Being Shot Twice While On Duty

FORT SMITH (KFSM) — A driver for Fort Smith Razorback Cab Co., Michael Haynes said he was working Tuesday night (Feb. 19) when he was sent out to pick up two pa...

Police said the two passengers turned out to be Keithan Norris and Norman Massey.

With one sitting next to him and the other in the backseat, Haynes said he drove them to a home on Mussett and Newlon roads in Fort Smith.

Haynes said instead of getting out of the car the man sitting next to him took out a gun and started shooting.

“After the second shot there was a third shot to the window of my cab. When I was running away that was the kill shot right there to kill me,” Haynes said. “I jumped out of the car. I didn’t even feel the second shot in my chest. I jumped out of the car and took off running towards the first house I saw. I beat on that house, the next house.”

Haynes said he was able to flag down police.

“He flashed his lights on me and I thank that officer because he put his hand right there, right by my chest and was like, ‘Are you going to be alright Mike?’ He knew me. I went to school with him,” he said.

Haynes was rushed to a hospital in Little Rock. Police started looking for the two men who they believe planned to rob the cab driver. It was not long before Keithan Norris and Norman Massey were behind bars for the crime.

“Kids nowadays running around with guns and stuff. Look at this. Do you see this?” Haynes said putting his hands to his face. “I mean, really it’s not worth it. It’s not. All that stupid stuff that you all are doing in school and on the streets and stuff. It is not worth it. Listen to your mama.”

Haynes said he still has a bullet in the back of his head and a long road of recovery ahead.

The two suspects are behind bars on aggravated robbery charges.

Michael Haynes has a Go Fund Me account set up in his name. To donate, click the link: https://www.gofundme.com/ft-smith-cab-driver-medical-expenses-amp-necessities