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Discs Found In Franklin County Park Lead To Child Pornography Arrest

BRANCH (KFSM) — The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office arrested a registered sex offender Tuesday (Dec. 1) after discs with possible child pornography...

BRANCH (KFSM) -- The Franklin County Sheriff's Office arrested a registered sex offender Tuesday (Dec. 1) after discs with possible child pornography were found at a park in Branch two days earlier, according to a release from a sheriff's office investigator.

Investigator Travis Ball said a person walking in the park saw a disc and picked it up. He said she took it home, thinking there may have been pictures on it. The woman opened files on the disc in an effort to find the discs owner. The woman found pictures of nude children instead.

"We do not believe the pictures are of children in our area," Ball said. "We believe they were from the internet."

The discs were found Nov. 29 and led investigators to a level three registered sex offender living in the Branch area, the release states. The suspect was identified as Robert Lee Jungen, 33, according to the sheriff's office.

Ball said they also found pictures of Jungen on the disc and his home. During the investigation Ball said they discovered more video this time of local children.

"There are videos of children from this area at the park and also at the children's home. He would follow the children home after he met them at the park and he would at night try to video tape through their windows," Ball said. He did say he had an age preference of children he tried to monitor and that was of 9 and 10 years of age."

Investigators are asking parents to come forward if they believe their child had been followed, Ball said.

Investigators seized multiple computers and computer hardware from the Jungen's home, the release states. He was arrested on suspicion of video voyeurism and distributing, possessing or viewing child pornography, according to the release.

A sex offender search on the Arkansas Crime Information Center website shows Jungen was put on the sex offender registry after he was convicted of first-degree sexual abuse.

A level three sex offender usually has a history of repeat sexual offending and predatory personality characteristics. They are also more likely to re-offend.

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