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Community Rallies Together After Local School Resource Officer Diagnosed With Cancer

PARIS (KFSM) — Five days a week, it’s the same daily routine for the school resource officer. Starting at 7 a.m., Mike Haney drops cones in front of...

PARIS (KFSM) -- Five days a week, it's the same daily routine for the school resource officer. Starting at 7 a.m., Mike Haney drops cones in front of Paris Elementary School and from there his days only get better. "You can't get a better job than this, " said Haney.

However, back in August after a visit to the doctor he found out he has kidney cancer. "The doctor said I'm going to lay it out there straight for you. You have stage four cancer. My response to him was, 'okay where do we go from here?'" On Tuesday (Nov. 21), Haney goes into surgery as part of his cancer treatment to have his left kidney removed.

According to Haney, "You don't plan on this. I mean nobody ever plans on having cancer." Haney's cancer has now spread to his lungs making matters even worse.

"The plan going forward is to treat what pops up and just roll on. This is just another bump in the road."

The challenge for Haney is not going to be the recovery process, but not being able to do his everyday job and see his kids. "It's going to be really tough for me because I haven't missed a day of work in seven years," said Haney. "I work sick so I get to see my kids because they depend on me."

Since the news came out, the community has rallied around him. Teachers at Paris Schools even sold t-shirts to raise money for his cancer treatment.

Although all of this has been a lot of handle, Haney's attitude remains positive. "This is the town I grew up in so I know everyone and treat everybody like family and they treat me the same way, " said Haney. "When someone in Paris is down, Paris rallies around that person."

Haney will undergo surgery to have his left kidney removed. He's expected to be in a Little Rock Hospital for the next five to seven days. Haney said he will be out of work for the next six to eight weeks. According to Haney, "There's no doubt in my mind I'm coming back."