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Brides On Facebook Say A Wedding Crasher Stole Gifts

FORT SMITH (KFSM) — It’s a local story that plays out more like a movie plot and can serve as a warning for all brides and grooms. At least a half-d...

FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- It's a local story that plays out more like a movie plot and can serve as a warning for all brides and grooms.

At least a half-dozen brides from the River Valley say an uninvited guest crashed their weddings and stole from their gift tables.

Debbra Severson, a Fort Smith wedding planner and owner of Events by Debra posted this warning on Facebook Sunday, October 10th:

"Brides Beware! There is a lady who is going to weddings and posing as a guest. She is dressed really nice and carrying a large gift bag. She hit 3 weddings in Ft. Smith last weekend - taking cards and gifts. If you see her call the police. Have someone you trust watch your gifts and pick up your cards. Please share this post http://www.facebook.com/eventsbydebbra."

"So the brides could be aware if they were having a wedding to watch for someone and if she showed up to call the police. I was shocked to hear that more weddings had been hit than just this last weekend and brides were really disappointed," Severson said.

On the Facebook post, Laurie Burnett posted a photo of a woman she said showed up to her son's wedding in Greenwood. She said gifts were stolen from the wedding as well.

Other brides in the area saw the post and said the same woman showed up to their weddings where gifts were stolen and wore the same outfit.

"We noticed that the brides-maids purses had been raided, the flower girls gift was gone and  the ring bearer gift was gone," said bride April Gushing.

Gushing's wedding was held at Rye Hill Baptist Church in Fort Smith.  She said a guest at her wedding recognized the woman's photo on Facebook.

"A friend that walked in late identified her saying, she wore the exact same outfit! And said, if I saw the front I would be able to identify her for you," Gushing said.

The photo of the woman circulating Facebook is a picture of the lady from behind.

Another bride, Tamara Kemper, said she also recognized the woman in the photo as an uninvited guest at her Wister, Okla. wedding where gifts were stolen.

"Before the ceremony started there was a newer red Avalanche that was seen sitting in the parking lot with a guy in it. After the ceremony it was gone," Kemper said.

The woman in the photo circulating Facebook is not a suspect in the case, but police are looking at the photo and talking to brides in hopes of catching the person responsible. Until the person responsible is caught  people like Severson are warning brides to watch their gift tables.

Gushing has a message for the person who stole from her.

"You didn't have to steal from us. For example, my elderly neighbor, or from people who were giving what they could to a starting couple - because you saw our faces on our gift table. We are praying for you," Gushing said.



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