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Police: LeFlore Co. Murder Suspect Bragged Killing Wouldn’t Be Solved

The man charged with killing pregnant Kaloni Flynn told a witness that if the 20-year-old woman didn’t end the pregnancy, he would “get rid of it fo...

The man charged with killing pregnant Kaloni Flynn told a witness that if the 20-year-old woman didn't end the pregnancy, he would "get rid of it for her," a police affidavit states.

LeFlore County sheriff's officials arrested Christopher Kenyon Simpson, 26, on Thursday on two counts of first-degree murder.

“He was believed to be the father of her unborn child,” said LeFlore County Sheriff Bruce Curnutt.

Her body was found in April in her parked car on McGinnis Lane in LeFlore County. She'd been shot in head, police said. Her purse was found in the car, but her cell phone was missing, according to the affidavit.

Flynn told relatives that Simpson was the father of her child.
The pair had dated for about three months, the affidavit states. When Flynn told Simpson she was pregnant, he became angry, police said.

"She didn't believe in abortion,” said Flynn’s father Herbert Flynn Jr. “That's why she would not have an abortion. She just loved life."

According to Flynn's father, she had plans to meet Simpson the night was she killed to ask for help in order to receive social services assistance with the pregnancy.

"Basically I believe the reason why she ended up meeting him that night was to get information from him," said Flynn.

 The affidavit states that Simpson was late on child support payments for a 7-year-old daughter who lives in Shawnee, Okla.
"He had made statements to other individuals that he did not want her to have that baby," said Sheriff Curnutt.
A witness told police Simpson said Flynn's murder would not be solved. "It was too clean; it was the perfect murder," he said, according to the affidavit.
Flynn told a friend that Simpson told her if she did not terminate the pregnancy, he would end it for her.

According to the affidavit, investigators tracked a pre-paid cell phone that made multiple calls to Flynn minutes before she died. The report states the phone was traced back to Simpson.

"He lived not even a quarter of a mile from our house," said Flynn.

A murder weapon hasn't been found, but with circumstantial evidence, the sheriff says he's confident they have their killer.

"I will be even more relieved when we have a guilty verdict," said Flynn.

Kaloni Flynn was excited about having the baby, according to family. She also had plans to return to school and major in nursing. Family say they’ll miss her ’10,000 dollar smile’ the most.

“This was a senseless, needless, cold blooded murder,” said Flynn.

DNA tests are being done to determine if Simpson is the father.
Sheriff Curnutt says Simpson has been uncooperative since he's been arrested. He's currently being held without bond at the LeFlore County Jail.