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Arkansas Senate Amends Bill Allowing Guns At Sporting Events

Stadiums now exempt from ruling

LITTLE ROCK (KFSM)--After passing a bill that expanded where concealed handguns are allowed in public, the Arkansas Senate voted to amend the law regarding sporting events.

Governor Asa Hutchinson signed the law Wednesday, which allows people with concealed handgun licenses to carry in certain locations, if they have eight hours of active-shooter training. These public places include college campuses, bars, the state Capitol and government buildings.

Because Razorback Stadium and Bud Walton Arena are located on the University of Arkansas campus, Wednesday's signing raised concern over whether or not weapons would be allowed at sporting events. But Thursday's 22-10 vote exempts stadiums and arenas from the new law.

Representative Charlie Collins worked on the bill that would eventually become this law.

He said Thursday that he was open to discussions about amendments like this one.

"I haven't had a chance yet to dig into those things but of course we'll consider anything that my colleagues and friends in the senate send over to the house and look forward to engaging in that discussion when we get a chance to look at that legislation very very soon," said Collins.

Some Razorback fans said they are in favor of the amendment.

J.W. Dillard said anyone who needed a gun at the game already had one.

“No that’s good, I don’t think a student needs a gun," said Dillard. "There’s a hundred cops there so I don’t think anyone really needs a gun at the game.”

While the law is effective as of September 1, it likely won't be until early 2018 when residents can carry concealed weapons in public.

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