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Little Rock Zoo celebrates first-ever 'milestone' baby rhino birth

The Little Rock Zoo is calling the new birth a "milestone birth for rhino conservation."

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The first-ever rhino born at the Little Rock Zoo was birthed overnight in what the zoo is calling a "milestone for rhino conservation."

The baby rhino, which is also referred to as a calf, was born to mother Andazi, who has been at the zoo since 2010 and Johari, a 26-year-old rhino who has been at the zoo since he was three.

Although the baby rhino won't be available for the public to see for a few weeks, mother and calf are doing great, according to the zoo.

"Typically, an eastern black rhino calf will weigh 50 and 100 pounds at birth. Mom and dad typically weigh around 2,500 pounds," the zoo said in a release announcing the birth.

The major threat to the species is poaching, although recent efforts to protect eastern black rhinos have "seen a modest annual recovery rate of around 2.5% from committed law enforcement efforts and successful population management measures," the Little Rock Zoo says.

Join us in congratulating this landmark birth and well wishes to the baby calf, mother, and zoo staff!