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Kirk Cameron's Fayetteville Library storytime faces opposition

Kirk Cameron's library reading of his children's book ‘As You Grow’ saw some resistance from members of the community

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — An actor turned evangelist and author held a story time at the Fayetteville Public Library Friday, March 17. Around 500 people came out for Kirk Cameron storytime. It was an event that was met with some opposition from members of the community who don’t agree with his rhetoric.

The former Growing Pains actor, Kirk Cameron has authored the children’s book ‘As You Grow’ with the publishing company, Brave Books. The company has also put out books by former Trump press secretary Sean Spicer and political commentator Steven Crowder.

All the books take place on a fictional land called freedom island. Cameron’s book is about an acorn named ‘sky tree’ and its journey to grow into a big tree while teaching biblical lessons about the fruit of the spirit.

Mandy Brooks brought her four children to the event because they love that Kirk Cameron supports all the same things they are. 

“We love Christ. We love Jesus and we just wanted to come help promote this. We love these Brave Books and we just love our country. So, we just wanted to come here and be part of what he’s doing,” said Mandy Brooks.

Proud American Jamee O’Kelly loves Kirk Cameron and has been following him since his TV days showed up with a bunch of grandkids.

“I think with the way things are going these days we need to really create children, bring up children that have courage and values,” said O’Kelly.

But not everyone was happy Cameron was in Fayetteville, as there were protestors inside the event. 

Pastor Clint Schnekloth says he believes Cameron is using a children’s book tour as a cover for hate and propaganda. He says Cameron posts on social media what the actual purpose of his event is versus what people see that attend the event.

“The thing he posted before he came here a couple of days ago was that he was going on the offensive against a culture he disagrees with. Some of the things he mentioned inside…he’s against cancel culture. A lot of his propaganda is against queer people and queer children in particular,” said Pastor Schnekloth.

Annie Philaxis says she was against the event because she says there is a lot of religious trauma that comes from events like this one.

“We wanted to be a light for the children that are here who might feel ostracized inside their own family,” said Annie Philaxis.

Once the book reading was finished a long line of people waited to have their books signed by Kirk Cameron and get a picture with him. We did ask multiple times to speak with Cameron but were never given the opportunity.

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