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Former Huntsville superintendent charged for not reporting sex abuse allegations

Criminal charges were filed against two former Huntsville School District employees for mandated reporter violations in relation to Title IX.

HUNTSVILLE, Ark. — Charges have been filed against former Huntsville City School District Superintendent Audra Kimball and former basketball coach Kaleb Houston for failing to report allegations of sexual abuse made by students, according to Joey McCutchen, the Fort Smith Attorney representing the Huntsville victims.

The charges come after McCutchen called for a legislative audit of the Arkansas State Police’s investigative unit

In July, The Huntsville Board of Education admitted liability in a Title IX case going on since February of last year. The suit concerned the sexual abuse allegations made by Huntsville Junior High School students against male basketball players who were accused of restraining other students while other players placed their genitals on or in the faces of the restrained students.

A settlement request was filed in the fall of 2021, for $1 and for the board to admit liability. A federal judge approved the settlement on Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2022. The settlement was for one dollar and the lawsuit stated that the school district will have to admit liability. 

McCutchen says this agreement meant the Huntsville School District has admitted to title IX violations because they knew students were being sexually assaulted and did nothing about it. 

According to McCutchen, a summons to appear was sent to Kimball's lawyer and the Madison County Sheriff's office will make attempts to serve former coach Houston.

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