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Hog fans staying loyal despite first loss

The Hogs are now four and one, facing their first loss against Georgia. However, fans say they will continue to cheer on the Hogs.

ARKANSAS, USA — Saturday (Oct. 2), the 8th seed hogs took their first loss of the season during their second away game. Despite the loss, fans say they will continue to cheer the team on. 

For the past four weeks, the hogs dominated each team they played. This excited fans about Hog football.

“Just from previous years to this season, it’s just a game-changer,” said Hog fan Mason Blaich. “Starting off the season 4 and 0, we hadn’t had that,” Blaich continued.

The Hogs wins eventually led them to become the 8th ranked team. However, with Saturday’s game against Georgia being the second road game for the hogs, fans went to local sports bars and restaurants to cheer on them on. 

“We just want to keep the team alive and just share the spirit,” Blaich said when asked why he came to Core Brewery in Springdale to cheer on the Hogs.

Fans Ben and Jody Suddatch say they came to cheer the Hogs on amongst other fans. “We come somewhere where the fans are at,” said Ben. He continued saying, “Core is a great location for sports venues. To come and watch games,” Ben finished.

However, fan cheers and celebrations didn’t last long as the hogs faced their first loss of the season, making the team 4 and 0.

“It’s sad, and unfortunately we have to face that at some point we’re going to lose,” Jody said.

“They’ve got nothing to be ashamed of this game. They’re still a good team. Like I said, everybody has a bad day, they just had a bad day.”

Hog fans are lifelong. They stick with the team through the celebrations and defeats.

“I’m totally here to stay,” Ben said. “I’m going to ride the whole season out with them. They’re doing great,” he continued saying he will stick with the team through rough patches and hoping for a hog win next season.

“We’ll come back. Yeah, we’ll do good next time,” Ben and Jody Suddatch. “Win some, lose some. But we’ll be back,” they continued.

“Go hogs. Keep the spirit alive,” Blaich said. “Let’s get it next game.”

“Go hogs! Go hogs,” shouted Ben and Jody Suddatch.

Next week, the hogs will play old miss for their third road game of the season.