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Group hosts ‘sit-in’ protest on MLK in Fayetteville tonight

‘George Floyd Sit-In’ is hosted by NWA Covid-19 411 and intended to be a social-distancing style alternative to the other protest planned in Fayetteville tonight.
Credit: KFSM

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — The ‘George Floyd Sit-In’ protest to honor George Floyd and protest police brutality is being hosted by NWA Covid-19 411 and intended to be a social-distancing style alternative to other protests tonight.

The sit-in is scheduled for Tuesday (June 2) from 6 to 8 p.m. on MLK in front of lot 56.

The event host, NWA Covid-19 411 wrote the following instructions for sit-in protesters, “Line the street, spread out, sit down, and show the rest of the world that we can be supportive without violence.”

To learn more about the event and follow the discussion, click HERE.

Event details NWA Covid-19 411 listed on the event page:

"As we saw last night in Bentonville and all across the country, peaceful protests are being co-opted by other movements. If you want to show support without fear of violence join us in a peaceful sit-in along MLK tonight.

If there are no crowds grouped up, it will be impossible for random incitement. If we are sitting peacefully someone can’t anonymously throw things.

George Floyd’s family have been extremely vocal against the rioting, let’s support them and show up the right way.

I know there is already a protest organized tonight, but with the outcome of other protests, this felt like a viable alternative.

There will be no tight crowds that make it impossible to single out agitators.

Also, with Coronavirus still growing exponentially in our area, this is a more socially distanced form of protest.  Everyone please wear a mask and keep each other safe.

This is Fayetteville, we’ve always been a supportive community, we’ve always stood against injustice, and we have some loud voices. Let’s make them peacefully heard tonight.

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