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Fayetteville School Board hears proposal to raise pay across the district

If passed, the plan would be in line with the new LEARNS Act requirements.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Mickey McFetridge, the interim director of accounting for Fayetteville Public Schools spoke before the school board on Thursday, April 28, announcing a plan to give all employees a raise. This plan would be in line with the LEARNS Act requirements. 

McFetridge says the proposed salary increases will allow for increases across the district while allowing them to gauge the impact of LEARNS on their budget. 

To bring salaries in line with the law, the proposal would increase all certified educator salaries by $2,000 across the board from last school year. All classified pay will be increased by at least 25 cents but some roles, especially entry-level, will be increased as much as 80 cents per hour. 

This would be in addition to the existing step increases.

On average, McFetridge says it's about a 3.5% increase.

McFetridge says this would make those roles more competitive, as other industries are paying better. It also closes the gap between the highest and lowest-paid classified staff.  

The board is set to vote on the proposed pay increases next month.  

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