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After trying for almost a decade, Fayetteville mom gets miracle baby

Mother's Day is an annual holiday celebrated to honor and appreciate mothers or mother figures. Motherhood, however, can look different for everyone.

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Globally, Mother's Day is celebrated on different dates and this year it's celebrated on May 14. With evolving science, motherhood looks different for everyone whether it's traditional, adoption, or through surrogates. 

"For as long as I could remember I always wanted to be a mom and I just sort of assumed it would happen. I would meet someone, I would get married, and then as I was approaching 40, I realized, maybe this is not gonna happen for me," said Asha Mevlana. 

When Mevlana turned 40, she decided to pursue other options.

"And what I ultimately decided was to find a sperm donor, which I found online. He happens to be anonymous, and then I used my egg. So I went through the whole process of IVF a few times," Mevlana said. 

Over the course of eight years and three miscarriages later, baby Khef came into the world via surrogate in 2022 and made Mevlana the happiest woman in the world.

Credit: KFSM

"He's great, he loves music, he just makes me laugh every single day. The laugh and smile bring me so much joy. I'm sure most parents feel this way, you know, when you're seeing the world through a child's eyes it's just a whole new experience," Mevlana explained.

Baby Khef is now 1-year-old. He enjoys climbing and is a musician in the making. 

Although Mevlana is a single mother, she is not alone.

"I don't feel alone at all, I have my mom who's really helping me. She lives next door. I have my family around here, and I have an incredible community who loves him and helps me take care of him," Mevlana said.  

Mevlana also adds that male role models in Khef's life are important and she's thankful to have her dad and brother who live locally be active in his life.

Through an anonymous sperm donor, Khef has seventeen other half-siblings. The families of the half-siblings have connected through Facebook which created a bonus family Asha never knew she needed.

"So it's really cool because it's the family, I always wanted a big family and even though it's not my family, I'm able to provide him with family and siblings," said Mevlana.

This Mother’s Day she's celebrating the path that led her to motherhood with family and a heart full of gratitude and is encouraging other women to follow their dreams.

"You know there are just so many different ways of having families nowadays and I guess for me, it's like, you don't have to give up on that dream just because you're still single or haven't met that person yet," Mevlana stated.

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