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Last Northwest Arkansas drive-in movie theater closing after 42 years

Fayetteville's 112 Drive-In is one of three Arkansas drive-in theaters remaining in 2022, but will be closing at the end of August.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Fayetteville's 112 Drive-In is one of three Arkansas drive-in theaters remaining in 2022. Soon, there will only be two left in the state once the drive-in closes after 42 years in Northwest Arkansas.

The 112 Drive-in opened in 1980 off of Highway 112 in Fayetteville after the closing of Springdale's 71 Drive-In. Last spring after rezoning the land, the owners sold the property.

According to The United States Drive-In Theatre Owners Association, there are only 318 drive-in theaters across the US.

Jimmy Terry was area manager when the Fayetteville drive-in opened. He helped pick the land where the drive-in would eventually be.

"If you really enjoy your work, you never have to work a day in your life," Terry said.

He explained that he'd worked in the theater business all his life in Lawton, Oklahoma, and Northwest Arkansas. Terry worked at Malco Cinemas as the general manager and at multiple drive-ins during his career.

"I worked in all those theaters and I've also helped make some pictures. Along with Robert De Niro and Shelley Winters. It was called Bloody Mama and it was made here in Northwest Arkansas."

Jonathan Harvey was an employee for the theater in the early 2000s. He traveled from Kansas to see the drive-in before its closing.

"I heard that it was closing and I had to bring my family here," Harvey said. "So my kids would know what a drive-in was."

Jason and Elaine Thomas of Springdale say they remember coming to the drive-in when they were young. 

"It's just a fun place to come in the evenings and hang out with the family. We got a Jeep we've put a bed in the back of. We lay down and watch the movies."

For the final two weekends, the drive-in decided to go retro. You can find the showtimes on their website.

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