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Fayetteville recruiting new firefighters

Fayetteville firefighters have a lot of knowledge to pass down to the next generation of firefighters.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — The Fayetteville Fire Department is looking to add some new first responders to their team. 

After more than a year of responding to not only fires but to medical calls during a pandemic, Fayetteville firefighters have a lot of knowledge to pass down to the next generation of firefighters.

The Fayetteville Fire Department held a training session on Tuesday (June 22) to assess recruits. Requirements are tough and include passing a physical and written test and undergoing six months of training at the fire academy. However, firefighters say training is more than just putting out fires. 

"Part of it is also EMS training. So, you make a medical call. You know you have to have training in that field as well. So, there are all kinds of stuff that you guys get to do when you become a fireman. It's super exciting, quite a lot of fun. A big adrenaline rush and probably one of the most rewarding jobs I can think of," said Fayetteville Fire Captain Brian Wandestrat.

Even Ember, the station dog, had to undergo at least two months of training to make it to Tuesday’s training site.

Aside from physical training, the firefighters endure mental preparation. Firefighter Kolby Kemp said he feels like this was his calling,  “I love it, you know, working with the guys every day at the firehouse with the guys, training hard with them. And you know, working towards serving the public and helping them out in any way we can on every call. It really feels like a calling for me." 

The recruits say if you're currently deciding if this field is for you...reach out to someone who has been doing it for a while.

"We always talk with our captains or drivers and other firefighters that have more experience than us, in order to help us gain that mental toughness in order to overcome any obstacle that we face while we're facing, fighting fires," new firefighting recruit, Edreck Gutierrez said. 

If you’re looking to apply to be a firefighter, the application deadline is July 2, and the application is found on the Fayetteville Fire Department website.

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