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Family remembers Ashley Bush after arrests made in murder case

A few days after the passing of Ashley Bush and her baby, her family is remembering who she was and what she leaves behind.

MAYSVILLE, Ark. — A few days after the passing of Ashley Bush and her 31-week-old baby, the family is remembering the mother of four for who she was.

"Our family would camp out at the lake the whole summer and then in the winters, we would go for wheeling in the woods or sand dunes or whatever. So we were always together growing up," said Ashley's cousin Lainey Blackburn.

Blackburn remembers growing up with her cousin Ashley. Blackburn says she could be loud and bossy, but it's now just a part of what her family is missing about her.

"They're doing about as okay as you can be in their situation, they're devastated," Blackburn said. "It doesn't make it any better that a lot of the details that continue to come out. They're also learning that with all the rest of us, they are learning a lot of things from the news."

Julie Boone, Ashley's sister, says that due to the family's current emotional state, they designated Blackburn as the family spokesperson to continue to get out what type of person Ashley was. 

Blackburn herself now wonders what could've been, as a mother herself of a three-month-old.

"Just a few months ago, I was in her condition I was pregnant as well," she said. "I think it hits home a little harder because you know, I go home and rock my baby and just think about how she should be here doing the same."

Blackburn explained that out of all this chaos, some good has shown itself. Both Blackburn and Boone have shown the family's appreciation of the community support.

"The outpour of love and support that they have received. It's what's getting them through this," Blackburn said. "Even though evil is in the midst of all of this, the love and support the good outweighs the evil."

Ultimately, Ashley left her three children, fiancé and family with memories and a legacy. 

"She leaves a very kind and gentle legacy behind in her children. You can tell how doting and caring she was by the way her children behave and who they are," Blackburn said.

Ashley's family has set up a GoFundMe account to help her three children.

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