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Facebook Limits Fan Page Posts

Update: Turns out this is another post on Facebook that spread like wildfire, but has some bad information in it.  Adding us to an interest list won’t ens...

Update: Turns out this is another post on Facebook that spread like wildfire, but has some bad information in it.  Adding us to an interest list won’t ensure that you get 100 percent of all our posts — Interest Lists on Facebook simply put similar pages into one feed. Here’s some more info on how they work. The best way to make sure you see our Facebook updates is to comment and share our posts — that way Facebook knows you want to hear more!  Sorry for spreading the incorrect information!


The post I wrote below contains my opinions -as do most of my blog posts- and may not necessarily reflect the views held by my employer KFSM or company Local TV LLC. True, “adding to interest groups” does not guarentee that you’ll see all the posts. But also true… Facebook DID change the way they display feed data. That’s the reality and that was the point of the post and what I was trying to communicate.

Here are some links you might find useful describing the changes… or as some would say… the new “innovations”

More on their “Edge Rank Algorithm” click here.

More on how to subscribe & reach customers here.

Another point of view on how the change affects Fan Page Reach.

The original post is below and the first update above is from our corporate internet department. They’ve posted links to Facebook regarding how “Interest Groups” are used and is a good read. I also encourage you to do a simple Google search and see how other businesses are dealing with the way the Fan Pages are being used.

Since it was suggested that the information I provided wasn’t 100% true regarding post viewing… I suggested we delete the post. (True, I am not privy to how Facebook runs their operation.) A decision was made to put a “strike-through” across everything I wrote in the post below.

Again, feel free to search the internet to determine what Facebook strategy works best for your customers or business plan. Personally, I’m putting all my favorite “Likes” in an “Interest Group”… after all, if I’ve “Liked” something doesn’t it mean I’m “Interested” in it? 

Just trying to help,


Original Post:

“Posts from all of the “Fan Pages” you’ve liked might not show up on your feed anymore. That’s because Facebook recently made changes with a new computer algorithm which decides whether or not you should see the post. It’s too bad for small businesses and others who use Facebook to communicate with customers because most of their posts will no longer show up in their customer’s feed.

The change appears to be aimed at getting Admin’s of Fan Pages to pay Facebook to “promote” their page… then all of the fans will see the posting. If you’re an admin of another page you probably noticed the sharp decline in “active users”.

You may wish to share this article with your friends who are Admin’s of other pages. There’s a ton of info out there on the web about the changes, you can do a Google search if you wish to know more.

If you want to see all the posts of ANY Fan Page… here’s what you can do:

  1. Open the Fan Page you want to continue to receive posts for.
  2. Mouse over the gear wheel icon next to the “Like” box and click it.
  3. Click “Add To Interest Lists”
  4. Create an interest list name and all of the posts you want to see from any Fan Page you’ve “Liked” will now show up.

Of course, you could always let Facebook decided whether or not you should see the post. It might cut down on traffic to your feed, but you might miss some posts too.

Just thought you’d want to know.

Have a good weekend,