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Ebby Steppach death: New theories revealed on Dr. Phil Show

A new Dr. Phil episode aired that focused on the disappearance and death of Little Rock's Ebby Steppach. The episode brought new possibilities to how she died.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — The death of Ebby Steppach-- it's a case that has baffled the public and police for several years.

Her disappearance ended 4 years ago when Little Rock police found Ebby's remains in a drainpipe, 60-feet from where they found her car at the beginning of the investigation in 2015.

On Thursday, people who had never before gone on-camera, including Ebby's boyfriend at the time, appeared on the Dr. Phil Show.

The biggest shock to come out of the episode... the family said that the Little Rock Police Department are claiming Ebby took her own life.

"That's insane. That's when I just said 'I'm done.' I just closed the book on getting anymore help with the Little Rock Police Department," said Laurie Jernigan, Ebby's mother.

Katherine Townsend, a private investigator, actually went down into the pipe where they found Ebby's body to test that theory.

"Ebby's body was found down this drain pipe. She was over 70 feet in there," said Townsend. " To demonstrate how absurd the idea is that she would have gone down there on her own I'm actually going to crawl down in there."

During the episode, Townsend climbed down the ladder from the manhole that led to the drainpipe. 

She went as far as trying to belly crawl into the pipe to see if it was possible for Ebby to do that on her own. She got her torso in before she came back out because it was too narrow and she would become stuck.

LRPD gave us a statement where they indicated that the case is still open and leads will continue to be investigated.

During the episode, we heard from someone who has never spoken publicly about Ebby's dissapearance-- her boyfriend at the time, Eric.

He said he saw her the night she disappeared. When she came to his house he said she was upset but not impaired.

"She just wasn't her normal self, like that was gone. It wasn't even a sense of urgency, just like she knew something was about to happen. She almost knew she wasn't going to be okay," said Eric.

Later that night when her family couldn't get in touch with her, he called her. He said she answered briefly and that was the last time he spoke to her.

Eric believes it could have been a terrible accident with some of her friends.

"They might have gave her something and she had a bad reaction and they like tried to leave and come back and realized she was gone. I feel like that's what happened and they probably put her down there," said Eric.

In addition to the theories comes a new detective that is on Ebby's case now. 

As for the former lead detective, Tommy Hudson, he sent a statement to Dr. Phil where he said that he believes the case will be solved. He also shared that he believes there was someone with her when she was put in the drainpipe and that he believes it was someone who lived in Little Rock.

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