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People still cleaning up four months after Springdale tornado

It's been more than four months since an EF-3 tornado tore through Springdale. Destroying homes, schools, and businesses and turning lives upside down.

SPRINGDALE, Ark. — At the end of August, it’ll be five months since an EF-3 tornado caused miles of damage in Springdale.

"I did declare it a disaster," said Springdale Mayor Doug Sprouse recalling when the tornado hit the city in March, adding that the cleanup from the storms continues. But they're not asking residents to speed up the process.

"We don't have a specific deadline for an event like this," Sprouse said.

He says his main goal isn't about how the city looks but how the people are.

"I'm very proud to be from Springdale, for our residents...for the way they continue to persevere," said Sprouse. "This is not an easy time."

At the Woodridge Estates in Springdale, they are still cleaning up from the storms.

"The city is really not involved in that," Sprouse said.

Many of the residents are uninsured or underinsured and Sprouse says there's not much the city can do.

"Wish there was more we could do, but we just can't," Sprouse said. "People need insurance."

However, the city did help some homeowners by refunding half of the fees they paid to get permits to make repairs. 

"Just trying to help people out a bit," Sprouse said.

Meanwhile, Monday, Aug. 15 will be the first day of school for students at George Elementary, which was hit by the EF-3 twister as well.

"But they're ready...ya know, they're ready," Sprouse said. Adding that the school plans to announce building renovations soon. "They had a great cleanup effort around right after it happened but there are some long-range plans for that school.”

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