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Bella Vista: Repaint white fences or face legal consequences

10 years ago, the Bella Vista Architectural Control Committee changed the city policy, banning white fences.

BELLA VISTA, Ark. — The Bella Vista Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is sending notifications to residents, saying homeowners with white yard fences need to have them repainted or removed by January 2022.  

Buddy Vernegti, the ACC Administrator, said 10 years ago, the committee changed the city policy, banning white fences. The fences that were already in place during the time were okay to stay, but no new white fences would be allowed without a permit.  

Vernegti says as the years passed, the city started seeing more white fences pop up. But, unfortunately, the ACC does not have records of the fences already in place before the policy change.  

In 2019, the ACC changed its policy again, saying all white fences must be repainted or taken down by 2022.  

Vernegti says if residents do not alter their fences by 2022, the ACC will send two warnings and give an additional 20 days to fix it before legal action is taken. 

Vernegti says residents need to apply for a permit to have their fence color changed. The permit is free, and staff will need to approve the color of the new fence.  

Some residents say they were notified about the policy change through a small advertisement in their monthly water bill.  

Credit: KFSM

Christina Freehauf, a 15-year resident, has a white fence that extends all around her home. She says it will likely cost thousands to repaint the fence, but she does not want to take it down.  

“I wish I would have had a more proper notification. Sending me something in a throwaway thing in the mail is not, to me, a proper notification. Not only that, I feel like every time their trucks went by my house the past 15 years, they approved my yard,” says Freehauf.  

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