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Barling Police set perimeter to avoid swine ‘hambush’ while attempting to capture ‘runaway pig’

The BPD was able to return the 'hamburgler' to his 'sowprized' owner. This pig could be 'SOME PIG,' a 'TERRIFIC' pig who deserves a Charlette's Web kind of miracle.

BARLING, Arkansas — When a call regarding a pig on the loose was made to the Barling Police Department (BPD), officers suspected it might be a bunch of hogwash.

In a Facebook post written in good humor, the BPD said officers assumed the caller must have thought they were 'boared' and had nothing better to do.

A disgruntled 'hamburglar' was indeed on the loose, and even though BPD Code Enforcement and Animal Control Officer Joe Kaelin had already been ‘bacon’ in the sun, he stepped into action, leading his team to victory, according to the BPD.

The BPD said, “Officers established a perimeter around the suspect to keep from getting ‘hambushed’ by any ‘partners in swine’ he might have had."

According to the BPD, the suspect’s owner was ‘sowprized’ to learn his pig was on the run but assisted the BPD in apprehending their suspect.

Credit: Barling Police Department

Barling Police Chief Darrell Spells said, “All joking aside, thanks to Officer Joe Kaelin for his assistance! #woopig.”

The owner enjoyed a happy ending and was reunited with his pig. It is not yet clear if the pig was just out for some fun and adventure or attempting to escape a fate no pig wants to face.

Maybe this pig isn’t just any pig. Maybe he is ‘SOME PIG.'

Now that he's is famous, his owner could be inspired to grace him with a "Charlotte’s Web" kind of miracle. We can hope! 

Credit: Vankad - stock.adobe.com
A spiders web with a black spider on it

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