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Barling Police say goodbye to loyal friend, fellow officer, K-9 Alamo

BPD said there was not a day that went by without someone making a positive comment about how awesome K-9 Alamo was.

BARLING, Ark. — The Barling Police Department (PD) lost K-9 Officer Alamo on Sunday (Aug. 30).

BPD shared the heartbreaking news on Facebook Sunday, stating, “BPD is saddened to announce the death of K-9 Alamo. His handler, Officer Mayhugh, found Alamo deceased in his kennel earlier today. While it is early in the investigation, there are no initial signs of neglect or foul play. We ask that you keep Officer Mayhugh and the department in your prayers. Arrangements will be announced in the days to come.”

Credit: Lex Rodriguez at Lexar Photo

K-9 Alamo was a patrol K-9 with BPD and certified in narcotics, tracking, personal protection and criminal apprehension.

Alamo was part of a regional training group hosted by BPD and well respected within the K-9 community.

“K-9 Alamo and his handler, Officer Mayhugh, were on-call 24/7 and always responded with a positive attitude,” said Barling Police Captain, Randy White."

In addition to their scheduled patrol training assignments, BPD K-9 handlers train twice a month with other agencies in the River Valley.

K-9 Alamo in training:

Credit: Barling Police Department

Alamo began his career as a K-9 officer in Little Rock before joining the BPD.

K-9 Alamo has served and protected the Barling community since Oct. 18, 2019, and helped BPD and surrounding agencies make multiple narcotic arrests.

Alamo was only three-years-old when he passed.

Captain White said there was not a day that went by without someone making a positive comment about how awesome K-9 Alamo was.

 “K-9 Alamo was a tremendous asset to our department. He and Officer Mayhugh worked tirelessly to keep the city of Barling safe. I want to thank the public and neighboring agencies for the support they’ve shown Officer Mayhugh and our department over the last few days,” said Chief Spells.

Alamo was a strong-willed dog with an excellent work ethic.

Captain White says, “Our officers felt more confident with K-9 Alamo and safer as well.”

The loss hasn’t been easy on BPD officers, but none have taken it harder than Alamo’s handler, Officer Mayhugh.

Alamo worked with Officer Mayhugh and lived with him too. “The two of them were together 24/7,” according to Captain White.

Alamo always enjoyed working and wanted to please his handler.

Chief Spells said it was clear that Officer Mayhugh and K-9 Alamo worked together daily to hone their skills.

On July 22, BPD congratulated K-9 Alamo and Officer Mayhugh on Facebook, writing, “Alamo received his National Certification this morning. Job well done!”

K-9 Alamo rewarded for his big accomplishment:

Credit: Barling Police Department

Barling K-9 Alamo and K-9 Hype, along with their handlers, were recognized on July 28 at the city board meeting for receiving their National Certifications.

Alamo's big day:

Credit: Barling Police Department

K-9 Alamo was a working dog but also a social dog.

He loved to work, but he also loved to play. Captain White shared a couple of BPD’s fond memories of Alamo.

“Alamo loved to roll around in the grass. After rolling around, he would have large clumps of grass all over him,” said Captain White. “It was hard to find decoys to help with criminal apprehension training because Alamo had such a strong bite.”

Credit: Barling Police Department

K-9 Alamo was escorted by his handler, BPD, and other neighboring agencies from the Crawford County Forensics Unit to River Valley Animal Clinic on Monday (Aug.31) at 1:30 p.m.

Police and fire departments blocked the intersection of Hwy. 59 and Frontier briefly to allow escorting units to pass through.

Credit: Lex Rodriguez at Lexar Photo
Credit: Lex Rodriguez at Lexar Photo
Credit: Lex Rodriguez at Lexar Photo

BPD posted to Facebook, writing, “Thank you to Fort Smith Police Department K-9 division, motorcycle unit, Lavaca Police Department, Kibler Police, Van Buren Police Department, Sebastian County Sheriff's Office, Crawford County coroner Pam Wells, City of Barling Fire Department and our Barling officers who escorted K-9 Alamo back home today. Thank you also to the citizens of Barling for the phone calls and messages of support. They are appreciated. Rest easy Alamo. Your work here is done.”

The cause of K-9 Alamo’s death is still unknown at this time and is still under investigation.

Thank you for the dedicated protection and loyal service you selflessly gave to our community K-9 Alamo. You are a hero. Rest in peace sweet boy.

Credit: Lex Rodriguez at Lexar Photo


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