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Gov. Asa Hutchinson calls for review of Arkansas's business contracts with Russia

The Arkansas governor has called for a review of the state's business contracts with Russia and furthered condemned the attack on Ukraine.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Governor Asa Hutchinson furthered his condemnation of Russia invading Ukraine and has called for a full review of Arkansas's state departments regarding any business contracts with the country Monday night.

In a press release, Hutchinson said he sent a letter to 15 cabinet secretaries to look at "any contracts or agreements between Arkansas, the Russian Federation, or other Russian entities exist."

“Although Arkansas’s economic ties with Russia are limited, I want to make sure that we as a state are not indirectly supporting Russian aggression through its economy," Hutchinson said. "I am transparent and unequivocal in my condemnation of these actions.”

Hutchinson praised Ukraine and its people, saying they are "willing to do whatever is necessary to defend their country, their families, and their liberties from Russian aggression."

"We must do everything we can to ensure that (Vladimir) Putin and his enablers pay for their actions,” the governor added.

In 2021, Arkansas imported $8.1 million in goods from Russia while exports totaled $64 million. In that same, Arkansas imported $2 million in goods from Ukraine and around $455,000 was exported to the country.

There are reportedly no Russian-owned or Ukrainian-owned companies in the state.

The governor also declared March 1 through March 3 as "Special Days of Prayer for Ukraine in Arkansas."


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