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Arkansas pastor & son in critical condition after train collision, 2 daughters pass away

An Arkansas pastor and his son are in critical condition after their car was hit by a train. His two daughters, who were also in the car, died from the accident.

ARKANSAS, USA — A pastor at Crossroads Cowboy Church in Bismarck was involved in a tragic accident with his family this week.

Pastor Chad Fryar and his son are currently in critical condition after a train struck their vehicle. His two daughters, who were also in the car, reportedly passed away due to the accident.

According to reports, the family was traveling east on Richwoods Road and crossed over Union Pacific Railroad tracks.

As the vehicle moved across the railway, a train heading north hit the passenger side.

The vehicle became lodged in front of the train and was pushed for approximately 2,400 feet before both came to a stop.

Following the accident, Pastor Fryar's church put out the following statement online

We are devasted by yesterday’s tragic events and the loss of Marlee Jo and Dana Kate. Chad and Bo Henry are stable in local hospitals. Please continue to pray for their healing. Please pray for Rachel as she navigates this loss and ministers to her son and husband.

Chad and Rachel were an integral part of CrossRoads Cowboy Church-El Paso. They have been with us from the beginning and we consider them family. They have a solid faith and understanding of God, which was evident when they stepped out in faith to launch the Bismark location. We know this solid foundation will help them navigate this difficult time.

Please join us in praying for Chad, Rachel, Bo Henry, grandparents (Ron, Kathy, Reggie, and Sandy), their extended family and friends, and the Bismark congregation.

They will need our prayers and support even more in the coming days and months.

Pastor Ron Riddle of Crossroads Cowboy Church in El Paso knows Fryar and his family personally.

"Just became a part of my personal family, and we just love the Fryars so very much," Riddle said. "They came the very first Sunday and never left."

Riddle spoke to Chad Fryar's wife, Rachel, after the crash. He said Rachel was the one who told him the Fryar's truck was hit.

Riddle described the family as close-knit and "the kind of friends and church family you want to have." He said it's hard to understand why things like this happen, but as a pastor, he believes in God's plan.

"Life has no guarantees," Riddle said. "God gives us life one second at a time without ever promising us that another second is coming."

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