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Medical marijuana sales surpass $120 million in Arkansas

Total medical marijuana sales averaged more than $600,000 daily over the last three weeks.

ARKANSAS, USA — Medical marijuana has only been available for purchase in Arkansas for a little over a year, but in that time, residents of the Natural State have helped kickstart the industry. 

Since the first dispensary opened in May 2019, Arkansans have spent $122 million to obtain 19,362 pounds of medical marijuana, according to Scott Hardin, spokesperson for the Department of Finance and Administration.

Total medical marijuana sales averaged more than $600,000 daily over the last three weeks.

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Eight dispensaries have sold over 1,00 pounds. Three of those dispensaries are located in Northwest Arkansas: Releaf Center (Bentonville), The Source (Bentonville) and Acanza (Fayetteville). 

All together, 6,032.94 pounds of medical marijuana has been sold in Northwest Arkansas since Wednesday, August 7, 2019.

In Fort Smith, Fort Cannabis has sold 780.09 pounds of medical marijuana since opening in December 2019. While 420 Dispensary in Russellville has sold 383.43 pounds since opening last winter. 

Total medical marijuana sales through August 4, 2020:

  • Suite 443 (Hot Springs) first opened on Friday, May 10, the company sold 1,094.05 pounds of medical marijuana.
  • Green Springs Medical (Hot Springs) first opened on Sunday, May 12, the company sold 2,999.07 pounds of medical marijuana. 
  • Arkansas Natural Products (Clinton) first opened on Thursday, June 20, the company sold 434.27 pounds of medical marijuana. 
  • Greenlight Dispensary (Helena) first opened on Thursday, June 27, the company sold 438.00 pounds of medical marijuana. 
  • Hensley Wellness Center (Hensley) first opened on Tuesday, July 2, the company sold 1,269.98 pounds of medical marijuana. 
  • Fiddler’s Green (Mountain View) first opened on Thursday, July 11, the company sold 1,197.10 pounds of medical marijuana. 
  • Releaf Center (Bentonville) first opened on Wednesday, August 7, the company sold 2,198.70 pounds of medical marijuana. 
  • The Source (Bentonville) first opened on Thursday, August 15, the company sold 1,411.58 pounds of medical marijuana. 
  • Acanza (Fayetteville) first opened on Saturday, September 14, the company sold 1,498.37 pounds of medical marijuana. 
  • Harvest (Conway) first opened on Friday, October 11, the company sold 1,274.58 pounds of medical marijuana. 
  • Purspirit Cannabis (Fayetteville) opened on Wednesday, November 20, the company sold 924.29 pounds of medical marijuana. 
  • NEA Full Spectrum (Brookland) opened on Monday, December 9, the company sold 913.19 pounds of medical marijuana. 
  • 420 Dispensary (Russellville) opened on Tuesday, December 17, the company sold 383.43 pounds of medical marijuana. 
  • Fort Cannabis (Fort Smith) opened on Wednesday, December 18, the company sold 780.09 pounds of medical marijuana. 
  • Red River Remedy (Texarkana) opened on Friday, January 10 (2020), the company sold 283.89 pounds of medical marijuana. 
  • Bloom Medicinals (Texarkana) opened on Wednesday, January 15 (2020),  the company sold 79.57 pounds of medical marijuana. 
  • Plant Family Therapeutics (Mountain Home) opened on Monday, February 3 (2020), the company sold 715.74 pounds of medical marijuana. 
  • Little Rock House of Cannabis (Little Rock) opened on Friday, February 14 (2020), the company sold 198.89 pounds of medical marijuana. 
  • Herbology (Little Rock) opened on Wednesday, February 26 (2020), the company sold 135.93 pounds of medical marijuana.
  • Custom Cannabis (Alexander) opened on Thursday, March 5 (2020), the company sold 212.36 pounds of medical marijuana.
  • Natural Relief Dispensary (Sherwood) opened on March 17 (2020), the company sold 793.59 pounds of medical marijuana.
  • Body and Mind Dispensary (formerly Comprehensive Care Group) opened on April 27 (2020), the company sold 63.34 pounds of medical marijuana.
  • Delta Cannabis (West Memphis) opened on July 1 (2020), the company sold 38.90 pounds of medical marijuana.
  • Arkansas Patient Services Company (Monticello) opened on July 4 (2020), the company sold 15.86 pounds of medical marijuana.
  • Enlightened Cannabis for People, Arkadelphia opened on July 16 (2020), the company sold 2.7 pounds of medical marijuana.
  • Enlightened Cannabis for People, Heber Springs opened on July 17 (2020), the company sold 4.78 pounds of medical marijuana.

Combined, this is more than 19,362 pounds of medical marijuana and $122 million in total sales. 


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