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Arkansans stuck on road as record snow passes through Virginia

A road trip that was originally only 7-hours instead took these three Arkansans more than 24-hours to finish as record high snow fell onto Interstate-95.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — A road trip that was supposed to take 7-hours instead took these three Arkansans more than a full 24 to finish.

Record-high snowfall in Virginia has caused a lot of trouble on the roadways, especially I-95, one of the largest interstates where thousands of people commute each day.

Parts of the interstate have been shut down leading drivers to be stuck, and even some stranded overnight.

These closures are even impacting Arkansans, such as Brittany Sorrell, Lindsay Spell, and Laura Spell who decided to take a trip up I-95 from Washington D.C. to Charleston, South Carolina.

The trip itself should have only taken 7 hours, that's until winter weather struck.

"We were like, 'we are going to leave early and beat the snow,' but unfortunately there was a wreck," said Brittany Sorrell.

It was less than 60 miles into their road trip when complete standstill traffic brought them to a halt, where they would be stuck for 6 hours.

"Some people are out walking their dogs. Some people are walking up and down. There were some kids playing with snow," said Lindsay Spell.

The traffic stoppage was anything but ordinary. Lindsay and her sister Laura took a 45-minute walk to a nearby Publix supermarket to find a restroom.

There was even a man that was selling waffles as he walked up and down traffic. 

But finally, after waiting several hours, the three found an exit to take as they stopped overnight in Frederiksberg, Virginia where 14-inches of snow fell.

It wasn't a part of their plan for the road trip, but they said they will remember this journey for a long time.

The three got back on the road the following day and found detours around I-95 and finally made it to their destination of Charleston on Tuesday night.

An unforgettable day trip that turned out to be more than 24 hours on the road.

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