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Adventure Arkansas: Enhanced Carry Class

Arkansas is one of the few states with an enhanced carry license available to residents.  The endorsement is added to your already existing concealed carry perm...

Arkansas is one of the few states with an enhanced carry license available to residents.  The endorsement is added to your already existing concealed carry permit. To learn more about how an enhanced carry class is ran, we sent Meteorologist Matt Standridge to a session in Van Buren for this week’s Adventure Arkansas.

Within its first week two hundred Arkansans received their enhanced carry license, with thousands more expected by the end of 2018.

Dugan’s tactical solutions in Van Buren is offering enhanced carry classes in the River Valley and allowed 5NEWS to let me see how a class is carried out.

Here’s how it works:

Applicants must already have their concealed carry permit. For the enhanced carry endorsement, completion of a live-fire proficiency test is required. There are three distances to shoot from, 3 yards, 7 yards, and 15 yards. At each distance, a certain amount of shots must be fired in specific timeframes from the ready position.  The score required? 35 out of 50 shots, or 70% accuracy.

“We’re just aiming right dead center mass, and that’s where I’m aiming, right in there,” said Bob Ballinger, State Representative.

Thirty of the shots must lie within the seven rings, outlined on this graphic.

One of the major supporters of this new enhanced carry legislation, Arkansas' 97 District State Representatives, Bob Ballinger was at the range as well to see folks getting their new endorsement.

“It’s got to be an opportunity that they didn’t have before,” said Bob Ballinger. “Now they can protect themselves and others in more places than they have. We’ll have less gun-free zones, less soft targets in Arkansas and we already have hundreds of people who are getting their training and passing so I’m excited about it.”

“Enhanced carry is just a certification or endorsement on your concealed carry permit that allows you to carry in twelve different locations that your concealed carry permit wouldn’t allow you to carry,” said Bob Ballinger. “So the motivation behind that was to basically eliminate soft targets and eliminate the state’s interference with the person protecting themselves in some areas.”

Despite strong opposition from all state schools, the law still passed. Originally, all Arkansas colleges and universities opposed this legislation.

In addition, K through 12 locations are not covered under this law. Elementary, middle, and high schools are under federal jurisdiction.

With Adventure Arkansas and learning about the enhanced carry endorsement Where You Live, I’m 5NEWS Meteorologist Matt Standridge.

WHERE YOU CAN bring your handgun with enhanced carry:

  • ​Publicly owned buildings and facilities
  • State Capitol grounds and the State Capitol building
  • Any meeting place of the governing body of any governmental entity
  • Any meeting or committee of the General Assembly
  • Any state office
  • Athletic Events
  • Portions of establishments licensed to dispense alcoholic beverages
  • Portions of establishments where beer or light wine is consumed
  • Passenger terminal of an airport
  • Churches or other places of worship
  • Parades or demonstrations that require a permit
  • Buildings and grounds of a public university, college, or community college

WHERE YOU CANNOT bring your handgun with enhanced carry:

*Except as permitted

  • ​​Private K12 buildings or grounds, or designated school bus stop
  • Property of any private institution of higher education*
  • Public K12 or public daycare facility
  • Any police station, sheriff's station, or Department of Arkansas State Police
  • Arkansas Highway Police Division of the Arkansas State Highway or Transportation Department
  • Arkansas State Highway and Transportation buildings/grounds
  • Any part of a detention facility, prison, or jail maintained or controlled by the Department of Correction or Department of Community Correction
  • Courthouses
  • Courtrooms
  • Establishment where beer or light wine is consumed with posted written notice
  • Any school, college, community college, or university campus building event*
  • Church or place of worship with posted written notice
  • Any place prohibited by federal law
  • Any physical place of person or entity with posted written notice
  • Any place owned or operated by a private entity with posted written notice
  • Posted firearm-sensitive areas located at the Arkansas State Hospital, the University of Arkansas for Medical Services, or a collegiate athletic event
  • On the gounrds of a private university or college with a no firearm police
  • Any location where an official meeting is being conducted in accordance with documented grievance and disciplinary procedures on the grounds of a public university or college, or community college.

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