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Adopt-A-Pet: Buster Brown at Friends of Prairie Grove Pound

2-3-year-old pitmix Buster Brown is up for adoption at the Friends of Prairie Grove Pound.

PRAIRIE GROVE, Ark. — Are you ready to make the commitment and add a furry family member to your household?

There's a sweet dog named after a once-famous mascot waiting for his forever home. 

During the early part of the 20th century, the Brown Shoe Company's mascot, Buster Brown, and his American pit bull terrier "Tige" appeared in department stores and on shoeboxes across the country.

So when the 2-3-year-old pitmix showed up at the Friends of Prairie Grove Pound, he was dubbed Buster Brown.

“He never met a stranger, he’s a very friendly dog with people," said Jim Glover from Friends of Prairie Grove Pound. "Wags his tail, barks, comes up, jumps up, and says hello. That’s probably his one bad habit is he likes to jump on you."

Buster Brown gets along well with other dogs but hasn't been tested around cats.

“That’s the only experience that we have so far," Glover said. "He likes to stare at the pound cats. We don’t know if he’s really interested in the pound cats because he wants to eat them, or he wants to play with them."

Buster Brown is recovering from a skin infection, which explains some of the spots around his face.

Credit: KFSM

He absolutely loves playing with toys.

“And he also loves great big rawhides, chewy sticks, he’ll spend all afternoon with a rawhide," Glover said.

Buster Brown's foster parents want a home for him with an active family and older children.

“He’s a wonderful dog but he is going to need some work, going to need some training, he’s also young and healthy and very active. So, an active family perhaps with children 8,9,10 or more," Glover said.

Click here if you're interested in adopting Buster Brown.

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