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5NEWS Fit: No Excuse Moms

No Excuse Moms provide a free workout that will fit into a mom’s busy schedule. For these women, kids aren’t an excuse to not exercise. They’r...

No Excuse Moms provide a free workout that will fit into a mom's busy schedule.

For these women, kids aren't an excuse to not exercise. They're part of a global movement called No Excuse Mom. It began with a California mother of three who posted a picture with the caption: What's your excuse?

Maria Kang's story inspired Fort Smith mother of two Breann Glass to live an active, healthy lifestyle. She's now group leader for No Excuse Moms Fort Smith.

"It's great to get the moms in," Glass said. "They meet other moms. They can bring their kids in. It's a free workout."

Michelle Kiser helps lead the Fort Smith group. She said she searched for a No Excuse Moms group after moving from Pennsylvania.

"A lot of moms don't have the resources to hire a babysitter or they don't have family to take care of their kids when they work out, so it's just a perfect combination," Kiser said.

Other groups around the world meet at local parks to exercise. The Fort Smith group meets at Girly Girl Fitness. Babies get a front row seat to watch mom exercise. Toddlers can get in on the workout or play with other kids in the playroom. Glass said child care is not provided at the fitness group, but there are enough moms there that they take turns popping their head into the playroom.

"It is pretty tame for how many kids we get," Glass said. "It can be wild at times, but they're pretty good. "

For these moms, it's all about leading by example.

"It's nice to be around other moms who make health a priority," Kiser said.

Glass changes up the workout every week to target different muscles. Getting active is the main goal.

"It's fun to be a little sore the next couple of days because you know you're getting a good workout," Kiser said.