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'Bawling my eyes out': Viral Michael Bublé video is giving parents all the feels

As kids head to college, parents on social media are crying over the video which shows a child's room transform from a nursery to an empty nest.

A music video from crooner Michael Bublé is hitting parents and non-parents square in the heart as it show a child's bedroom transforming from before the child is born until the young adult leaves the nest. People on social media have suddenly been reacting to it even though it's been online for months, possibly because some kids are headed off to college for the first time.

The lyrics of "Forever Now" tells the story of how a parent immediately falls in love with their child when it's born, how the parent is there to teach and protect them, and how the parent will still be there when it's time for the child to start life on their own.

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The video, posted to YouTube on March 1, starts with the room empty and dark. The moving boxes arrive. Children's wallpaper suddenly appears, and then the room becomes a nursery.

Over the course of the 3-minute, 41-second video, the room transforms from a nursery to a toddler's room, to a typical teenager's room with a TV, laptop and bean bag chair. Finally, when it's time for the child to head off into the world, the scene returns to a room full of moving boxes before returning to an empty space. 

The final scene shows the room, again, set up as a nursery -- this time for a girl.

You never see Bublé.

Parents and non-parents alike took to social media in the last couple of days to talk about how the video affected them.

"oh ok cool now I’m ugly crying," said one.

"I am not married, have no kids and I cried my eyes out with this video," another said.

"So powerful. Time really does fly by so fast...Truly in the blink of an eye! Mine might drive me crazy but I LOVE THEM!!!"

"Two boys at SDSU now and the house feels weird today.  Plus there is something in my eyes that keeps making them water."

"Just sitting here watching @MichaelBuble song “Forever Now” with my son on my lap & daughter in front of me and bawling my eyes out.This song is so beautifully written and encompasses what It feels to watch your children grow up so quickly Cherish them!"

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