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Judge places temporarily hold on Law 1002 against mask mandates

Parents are speaking out for and against the law banning masks as the 2021 school year rapidly approaches.

JOHNSON, Ark. — As school districts begin to consider the next step, parents are closely monitoring the mask situation as well.

After we broke the story about the judge’s decision on the 5news Facebook page, we got a series of responses from Arkansans.

Veronica McClane, the woman who filed the lawsuit against the ban says she understands people’s frustrations about mask-wearing but it’s the best way to protect those who can’t protect themselves with a vaccine.

“Then we’re going to see children die," said McClane when speaking about the consequences of not wearing masks. "So, you know when we look at the long-term impact of you know can your child wear a mask and maybe be a little uncomfortable while protecting other children. ”

Other parents Channel 5 spoke with had mixed feelings. A mom in support of the ruling says her son is high risk and needs protection from others around him.

“When it comes down to it, it's not about living in fear. It's about being compassionate for your fellow neighbor," said Brooklynn Shelton.  You know the mask I feel like is for other people, it's not necessarily for you.”

A father of kids too young for the vaccine says if there is a struggle to get people to wear masks the same is going to happen when it comes to vaccines and adds this decision to ban law 1002 is out of bounds.  

“There's been I think, what, two or three people that, you know, were affected by it but out of how many kids say to Arkansas mean, where's the end game here is zero cases I mean, when does the madness in,” Eric Plum said.

To clarify, the state of Arkansas has recorded three children dying as a result of COVID-19.

Governor Hutchinson told our coverage partner Talk Business and Politics, “My objective has been achieved not by the legislature but by the courts”.

Gov. Hutchinson followed up with that although the court ruling gives him power, he will not implement a statewide mask mandate.

Rather the Governor believes the focus should stay on vaccinations.

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