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The visiting stations are a huge hit, and nursing home residents have loved using them

Greenhurst Nursing Center, in Charleston, designed and made a new visitation station to give its residents the chance to safely visit loved ones.
Credit: Greenhurst Nursing Cemter

CHARLESTON, Arkansas — In the midst of COVID-19, many nursing home residents are not able to see their families, but Greenhurst Nursing Home in Charleston, Arkansas has come up with a solution.

Residents can now visit with loved ones while still practicing social distancing in a glass box.

Ima Stubblefield was filled with excitement when she finally saw her son and great-grandchildren Friday (June 12) afternoon.

“I hadn’t seen them in about two months but it means a whole lot to me I feel better,” Ima said.

Not only did it make Mrs. Ima feel better but it made her son Allan Stubblefield feel better as well.

“It was wonderful, it was really good. My heart just was busting getting to see her,” said Allan.

Allan says the communication booth definitely beats a phone call, especially in the middle of a pandemic.

“I mean you get to actually, you can’t touch them, but you get to talk to them and ask them how they’re doing and see the smile on their face and everything is just great,” Allan said.

Ima said it was the sweetest reunion.

“It was very very good to see them, even though I was behind the glass,” Ima said.

The box comes with an intercom to help the hearing impaired and for now, each resident gets 20 minutes with their families to visit, but the Greenhurst Nursing Center is hoping to eventually give each family more time. It is all disinfected after each visit.

Please call or email Meeka at meeka@greenhurst.net to schedule a visit.

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