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Elkins to provide WiFi on wheels for students

Elkins School District will be providing free WiFi to students while schools are closed due to COVID-19

ELKINS, Ark. — While students are learning from home this week because of threat of the coronavirus (COVID-19), many use the internet to complete lessons assigned by teachers.

The Elkins School District says it realizes not all students have access to the internet, so school officials created WiFi on Wheels.

School buses will be parked throughout town with WiFi for students to use.

“We’ve tried to be as thoughtful as we can to provide for the needs of our kids during this time and we realize this is a challenge for students, this is a challenge for parents, but we are trying to be has helpful as we can about helping them along the way,” Elkins Superintendent Jeremy Mangrum said.

Mangrum hoped the buses would be up and running by Monday, but says they are still waiting for a piece of equipment. Once it is delivered, WiFi at each bus will be available 24/7.

“We’re hopeful to have them up and going by the end of this week and they’ll run through spring break and all assignments will he due at the end of the break when students have had time to use it,” Mangrum said.

The district is also passing out meals to students while they aren’t in school. 

Lorri Skelton says it’s a great feeling to see the district help out like this.

“We love Elkins, we all work together and it makes us all feel great to make sure our kids get everything they need from food, any help all they have to do is call and we’ll work through any problems they have,” she said.

Mangrum said that students and parents can also park in the school parking lots and use their internet.

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