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Cute couple turns a classic hit into a COVID-19 parody

This Pennsylvania couple uses their knack for lyrics to bring smiles to faces near and far.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — Melvin and Claire Vatz’s songs have a track record for bringing people together.

“We're not professional in any way. I’m the show off in the family. And Claire always says she's the shy one...although I think the video clues otherwise,” said Melvin.

They have been writing lyrics together for 44 years. “We have a long tradition of doing these kinds of songs for family gatherings, you know, sort of silly parody type songs,” said Melvin. 

However, their version of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Homeward Bound” is reaching more ears than usual.

“We sent it out to friends and family just to cheer them up, basically. And we just never dreamed it would get to so many people in so many places. It's just an amazing thing,” said Claire.

They have connected people from around the world without taking a step outside. 

“We've heard from people in Spain, Argentina, Germany, Canada, Israel...everywhere, it’s been everywhere,” said Claire.

Melvin says being separated from his friends and family motivated them to create something, “Unless we're health care workers or essential workers, unfortunately, we're sort of stuck with being at home.” A situation that lent itself to a song. 

“The first couple lines just sort of popped in my head … And then over the course of the day, we just knocked it out. You know, the inspiration kept coming,” Melvin explained.

The song has received a lot of positive feedback. 

“What we've really noticed throughout this last few weeks is just how people we’re all contacting each other and reaching out to friends and family that they haven't heard from in a long time,” said Melvin, “So there is this sense of, you know, these kinds of crises bring people together. And I mean, our song is just a little example of something like that.”

After all, life without music would simply be flat. 

“I think you have to look at things that are funny. And if you can find things that are funny, either on the Internet or wherever. I think that is uplifting, too … It's just great to laugh and not focus on the negative part of what's happening here,” said Claire.

Their entire song can be heard on Melvin’s YouTube channel.

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